Our Mission

PeaceNJoy Academy endeavors to provide a peaceful and joyous development environment for your child. We provide authentic Montessori education at an affordable price. We stress the total development of your child and our curriculum includes music, drama, yoga, physical exercise, and environment. By exposing your child to different cultures and languages, we equip him to become a citizen of the world. We strive to be flexible and work with you to tailor our program to suite the specific needs of your child and you. In our journey to uncover the full potential of your child, we consider you are our most important partner.


I love the School. My daughter has been going there for the past two years, since she was two. The teachers are astounding, they are very good and amazing quality of arts and crafts in the school. They also teach spanish, spanish songs, reading, writing, numbers, dancing etc. Truly all-round development at an early age! Truly lives up to 'Montessori' standards.

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